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eBay- A Strong phase of eCommerce still in a progression

Came into existence in the autumn of year 1995, eBay is the most popular, and the oldest entity in the eCommerce field. Headquartered in San Jose California, eBay facilitates both consumers to consumer and business to consumer sales. As of data business data revealed in 2011, it is acknowledged as a multibillion-dollar business having its exposure in more than 30 countries. If you've some queries related to eBay Customer Service Phone Number, or you want some important highlights of eBay in a combined format, then you are at the right place.

What's The Latest News To eBay?

Its the first time when eBay eliminates sneaker fees in its new December drop series. The eBay marketplace launches zero selling fees for the seller community of North America on any sneakers to be sold with minimum of $100. This time win-win situation for both buyers and sellers on eBay with this unveil of December drop series in partnership with companies of top sneakers brands.

These price drops were a clear sign of the scenario of how eBay is dominating the sneaker resale game where around 6 million sneakers were sold in 2019. A consistent eBay Support for sellers gives them an exposure to flourish their opportunities.

Top Sold items To sold on eBay

In the last month of year 2019, eBay tapped into holiday sales data from 2018 and 2019 for determining trending items across different categories & average selling prices. Having an average popularity of 60%, iPhone 11 pro has been figured out as one of the most popular gadgets on eBay.

Apart from this, there is a list of most selling products that are in trend.

Top 5 selling sneakers in the year 2019

  • nike air force 1 Low Price– $125
  • Nike Kyrie 5 –Price- $176
  • Air Jordan Breds –Price- $211
  • Nike Air Max 1 –Price- $121
  • Nike Air Max 720 –Price- $116

Top 5 Gaming items sold in the year 2019

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare –Price- $35
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order –Price- $51
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 –Price- $46
  • Nintendo Switch –Price- $227
  • Nintendo Game Boy –Price- $63

Top 5 Tech items sold in the year 2019

  • Hatchimals – Price-$22
  • LEGO Hidden Side –Price-$25
  • Hot Wheels id –Price-$20
  • LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle –Price-$75
  • Friends Central Perk – Price-$73

Either you want to make a seller account, or an existing or potential buyer on eBay searching for a relevant on the same topic, then you are free to get in touch with us through eBay Phone Number.

Want to Sell More on eBay? Just do it in three simple steps

If you are an eBay seller and want to optimize your sales in New Year, then follow a few tips mentioned below. To get more clear answers, you can talk to experts at eBay Number.

  1. List optimally: Selling an item on eBay is merely a process that takes not more than a minute. Either scan the barcode, or describe your item, click the photograph, choose a condition, and finalize the listing.
  2. Ship item: Once your item is sold, just put it in the mail. To get special discounts on shipping print it with eBay labels. eBay offers USPS and FedEx shipping labels with discounted rates.
  3. Get paid authentically: Free signup with PayPal to get paid on eBay.

Do you have any items to sell? Want some assistance? Contact our eBay Technical Support.

Can I sell on eBay for free?

Yes! under some circumstances you can sell on eBay for free. In case you are starting your auction at $0.99 without having a reserve, then fees to list the first 100 items every month are free of cost.

How can I install eBay?

eBay services are more convenient now. You can install the eBay mobile app in order to make all eBay services accessible on your fingertips. To download eBay mobile app on android devices, go to play store, search eBay, select install. If you're having trouble while installing eBay, then you can get in touch with experts at eBay customer service number.

What is the cost of the eBay seller hub?

Using eBay seller hub is free, and it provides listing, order management, and reporting functionality. Existing subscribers of pro selling managers will be charged $15.99 per month fees also have access to eBay seller Hub.

How much percentage does eBay take?

10%. Final valie fees are 10% of the amount you were paid, along with cost & shipping. For any related assistance, dial toll-free eBay Contact Number.

What is the procedure to become eBay seller?
  • Choose to sell at the top of any eBay page, or move to sell item option
  • Create a listing for the item that you want to sell
  • After that confirm your details, add an automatic payment method

You might be asked your phone number or credit card as a means to verification of your identity for security purposes.


About the latest updates, information upgrades and all technical and non-technical raised by eBay customers will be encountered with the suggestions provided by the eBay Customer Service team sitting right aside with a purpose to deliver you a convenient assistance. The beauty of this online tech service platform is that it is flexible enough according to your needs. You get a genuine eBay Help related to any department, anytime in the modes of communication as per your convenience. We're here with active chat support, email assistance, phone service, and remote desktop as well.

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