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Hotmail Help- Intro, updates, issues, Support information

In today's IT world when technology is at its verge, no prosperity can be assumed in the absence of mailing services. Hotmail, currently known as is a web suite of webmail tasks, contacts, and calendaring services through Microsoft. Hotmail has been a popular name in the webmail service industry from the previous twenty years. It facilitates a huge list of unique & different features for end-users making the service easily accessible for them. Whether it is about user interface or run time environment, the quality of Hotmail has been outstanding. Apart from this, Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number is one of the brilliant sources of assistance lets very user find a genuine way to sort technical issues.

Well! if you want to know about some major advantages and disadvantages of Hotmail, then you can get better insights here:

Hotmail Support- Major Advantages of Hotmail Service

  • Likewise, other mailing services, Hotmail is acknowledged for its instantaneousness, however, it doesn't matter how far and at which corner of the world you are communicating with.
  • Users of Hotmail get free web-based mailing accounts along with splendid spam filters.
  • Hotmail users get their own address book for adding contacts with information in detail.
  • Navigation is easy, where you can understand and create your own folders in order to provide brilliant management of information.
  • You can also connect your mailing account with outlook email. In this way, you can also check your messages also at the time when you are not online.
  • All contacts can be imported to instant messenger to facilitate swift and easy chatting experience.
  • Availability of Hotmail Customer Service in different modes of communication as per user preferences.

Relevant tips, updates and follow up on following topics

  • Accessing Account
  • Treating Hacked account
  • Resetting password
  • Technical Support
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • A different issue

Limitations of Hotmail

  • In your Hotmail, if you block any user to connect with you, then initially you do not have control over the condition that who is adding you in their list of contacts
  • Being an online mailing platform, it needs an internet connection, therefore in the absence of proper internet connection, working with Hotmail creates an issue.
  • 24x7 availability of online support
  • Problems while fixing technical issues on an urgent basis due to the number of requests

How Hotmail customer service number is helpful in overcoming these limitations?

Hotmail/outlook reported around 400 million users in the year 2018, and this number of statistics has bee continuously changing with a consistent increase in numbers. However, this mailing service provider is known best for its Hotmail Technical Support, still, a number of users are found putting questions on its service insufficiency and appropriate availability of assistance. Handling a huge bunch of queries raised by Hotmail users on a is not possible for support representatives at a single point of time. Therefore, queries or technical issues asked to get resolved from official centers take time.

In case when the user is urgency could not get a justified answer to his/her query. Availability of service via third-party Hotmail Phone Number, not only connects with concerned representatives in quick means, but also ensures genuine, and quick availability of service.

MSN Windows Live Assistance

If you're finding yourself lost or getting worried due to some unknown technical issue with a Hotmail account, then you can join our US-based live technical support firm. We are always happy to connect with you via toll-free Hotmail Phone Number.

Different Sources To get Hotmail Customer Assistance

  • Hotmail Phone Number
  • Hotmail Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Hotmail Help Desk
  • Hotmail Support on Twitter
  • FB/Messenger
Popular FAQ's by Hotmail Users

How can I make MSN Canada by homepage?

In order to make MSN your default homepage, you need to follow a few simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the address bar and click more actions
  2. Then go to settings
  3. Select a specific page under Microsoft edge
  4. Now, enter into the text box and then click save icon.

Are Hotmail and Outlook the same?

However, new users are only allowed to create mail with address, but older email addresses still have In short, we can say both are the same, as Hotmail has been changed to

Can I get my old Hotmail Back?

Yes. Just go to settings, and select option switch back to Hotmail. Now, it will redirect you to old windows live. Here website will ask your view regarding sending feedback.

Is it possible to rename the Hotmail email address?

Yes, it is possible to reactivate your Hotmail email address by going to the settings page. If you want to know how to rename the Hotmail mail address, then you can join our techies via Hotmail Number.


I hope, you got a clear idea of how to connect with Hotmail Customer Service for quick and reasonable assistance. In case of any query or confusion, we suggest getting a quick solution to your queries via phone at Hotmail Phone Number. Here are mentioned a few spectacular qualities of our live chat agents that help us make customers satisfied:

  1. Extensive knowledge of domain with careful understanding of each aspect
  2. Excellent verbal communication, and good professional ethics.
  3. Great sense of responsibility
  4. Multi-tasking ability
  5. Honest nature, and better problem-solving skills
  6. Ethics of teamwork
  7. Patience

Along with above mentioned seven skills, time management, ability to read customer's mind quickly, master in using positive language, goal orientation, the capability to handle surprises, persuasion skills and willingness to learn are also additional skills which make our Hotmail Support Team a perfect one for you.

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