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  • Contact Customer Service : Press 7 at the main menu
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  • Get a Refund : Press * at the main menu
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Google Play- A Complete Know How

Google Play is a highly rated worldwide digital distribution service owned and operated by Google. In other words, it acts as an official online application store for the Android operating system. Everyone knows Google Play; And why not! It allows android users to search and download a specific mobile application of their choice from this platform only. The Android applications developed through the android software development kit are put on Google Play by the owners or producers of such apps. It not only works as an app store but also serves as a store for music, digital media and television programs. In search of Google Play Customer Service Phone Number platform, you might get more significant details about google play, its features, advantages, and special offerings.

Paid or Free Services on Google Play Store?

Mobile Applications made available on Google Play are both chargeable or free of cost. Whether to make the app available for free, or charge some amount, the decision is made by the publisher. There are two ways to access website-Either directly download through play store mobile app, or deploy the same mobile application to your device through the official website of Google Play. In case you're facing trouble while downloading any application, you are free to contact experts dialing toll-free google play phone numbers.

Some App Statistics of Google Play Store

In the month of March 2012, Google Play was launched along with android market, google music and ebook store. Taking a quick look at the previous 4 years' data, in the year 2016, eighty-two billion app downloads were figured out in the google play store. And in the year 2017, over 3.5 million apps were published here. Top Services of Google Play are-Google playbooks, Games, Movies & TV and play music. If you have any doubts or want some verbal assistance related to google play services, then you are free to dial Google Play Number.

Google Play- What the Latest Update?

Most often autoplay videos of Google Play are found in dedicated Games feed. There is a minimum of two formats and not both of them can be controlled by users. At present, a new section named "Game Spotlight" showcases the call of duty: mobile. The display section of promotional graphics is backed by a video that plays at the time when you scroll it down. Another example related to the carousel further one app video after another. It has a slight difference, that it takes a few seconds of time to autoplay as per the indication by a pulsating play button. After the initiation of video, the indicator with a sound icon at the bottom right corner unmutes the audio and overlays the standard controls of youtube. Video autoplay can be controlled in settings->general->autoplayvideos. You have to go with the second option by default. In case the autoplay is switched off, then the first example continues playing in a GIF form.

The Auto-play videos have three options to choose:

  • Auto-play videos at anytime
  • Auto-play videos over wi-fi only
  • Don't auto-play videos

Here you are recommended to choose the second option asking to auto-play video over wifi only to avoid extra data charges. In case of any doubts and queries, you can contact experts at google play help center online.

Google Play Support-Common FAQs Related to Google Play

Is Google Playstore App Free of cost?

Google play store is an official android application downloading platform by google from where you can download apps. Here you will found thousands of free and paid software. Yes! Accessing the play store is free of cost, however, some apps might be chargeable.

How do I contact Google Play for a refund?

If you want to get refunds for your some payments done through Google Play account, then you can follow steps below:

  • First of all, visit, and go to the store account section
  • Then click order history
  • Find the order you want to return, and click option more
  • After that choose the option either for requesting a refund or reporting a problem based on your situation.
  • Now complete the form, and the description related to refund
  • The thank you message seen in return means you are done with the refund request process.
  • You will receive a mail with the discussion regarding refund decisions within 15 minutes.

What is Google Play customer service phone number?

It is a toll-free number to provide you assistance related to Google play services. If while working with google play services you run into a certain issue, then you can contact support either by requesting a callback or making a call to experts via toll-free, google play customer service number.

Does google play have live chat?

When you prefer live chat option with the agents of Google Play, they will be chatting with you from their call centers headquartered in California or the nearby location where you reside. However, the option of live chat support is rare and it is not possible to be there for you 24x7.


Google Play Customer Service is a genuine source of an online platform that allows you to cater to all technical and non-technical inconveniences with your google play account in a very efficient manner. The online platform for support is open 24x7 and ready to assist you in the mode of communication you like. Connect with us quickly, and answer to all queries.

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