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Gmail Help-New Updates, A Few Issues, and FAQ's

Famed as the top mailing service, the most used Google Product and a true mean of authenticity-Gmail is about to complete its 16 years in the coming April month of the year 2020. The free of cost mail service by this best and the most secure mailing service is an obvious mean to get a huge number of blessings and thanks from users across the globe. And if you realize that Gmail is making your personal and business life fluent, then just thank it dialing Gmail Customer Service Phone Number. Well! The provision of online numbers is not to receive such thanks, but for assisting users to get the most benefits from mailing services.

Challenges Overcome by Gmail in the course of Time

Well! At the time of launch, Gmail was not like it is today. There were flaws that have been overcome from time to time until now in order to maintain it a better platform than others. At that time spam messages were overtaking inboxes, and searching some important messages or files from such huge messages was not an easy task. And also, there was not a credible procedure to get Gmail Custome Service. To avoid hassles, you had to constantly delete emails so that the storage limit can not cross the level.

Email spam used to be a very serious issue in the 2000s, and Gmail with its effective mechanism blocked it before reaching your inbox. It gave an option for people to report suspected spam after they see it. Time by time, year after year, it kept improving its spam filtering capabilities by integrating some smart artificial intelligence.

When android mobile phones started dominating the marketplace, Gmail evolved itself by making its services available on phones & tablets. To download Gmail App, or get Gmail Technical Support with the app, you can quickly connect with our support personnel via phone call.

Inbox Feature- Was the next influential update. It was a great help for users who wanted to arrange messages based on categories. To get more details or answers to related queries, you can contact experts via toll-free Gmail Phone Number.

Other than this, smart AI-based features like smart reply and nudges always assisted users to reply fast & stay on top.

Future Endeavours For Gmail- Efforts to Maintain it the Best

The next considerable step for Gmail became more assistive for users. Artificial based smart compose feature had already assisted users for quick composing of emails. Now, with an update in the SMART COMPOSE feature by adding more languages, and making it available to android also. , this feature personalizes suggestions in greetings and subject lines related to the mail composed by you.

Scheduling email features allows users to sent mails at the preferred date or time also at the time when you're out of the station. If you want to get more refined suggestions, then you can contact experts via Gmail Number. Other than this, you can also settle your common glitches like Gmail Forgot Password, Gmail Account Recovery, Gmail Account Hacked, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions by Existing and Potential Gmail Users

How to get the latest Gmail version?

  • Sign in Gmail in a web browser with your Google account.
  • Next, go to the settings option. For this, click gear icon at the top right corner of page, where you will find a drop-down menu.
  • Now choose to try new Gmail options from the menu, and start enjoying the newest Gmail version.

Is there a Gmail Desktop version too?

No, there is no separate Gmail Desktop app, however, there is a trick that lets you open an instance of Gmail as its own window without a chrome interface. It is combined with recently added offline mode of Gmail and lets you create Gmail app by your own.

How can I switch again from Inbox to Gmail?

  • First of open inbox by Google on your pc or laptop
  • You'll find the menu icon at the top left.
  • Click and choose, "settings", ->"other".
  • Here you will see an option asking you to redirect to
  • Uncheck the box here.

How To enable Dynamic Email Mode in Gmail?

  • To enable dynamic mail, sign in admin console
  • Move to apps->Gsuite->Gmail settings->user settings
  • Dynamic mode feature will turn on when you checkmark on enable dynamic email option.


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We have no direct or official connections with Gmail. We build free tools, and a team of genuine and authentic customer care representatives in order to let all Gmail users get out of technical worries. Everyone knows, that handling a bunch of queries on a single piece of the minute is not possible from official support. To share our technical knowledge, and make mail services convenient for users, we are here to provide genuine Gmail Support.

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