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Who does not know the name Amazon? Almost every one of us knows it, at least the person having direct or indirect connections with IT in the 21st century must know it. An American Multinational company focusing on eCommerce, online streaming, cloud computing, and AI services has a solid foundation across the globe. Started with a small as an online marketing company, today it is recorded as the world's top revenue-generating company. And this status of Amazon is not only possible with so much ease- Years of hard-earned experience, a brave facing of bad days, and a passionate work for clients are some major reasons for it. If you're existing user or Amazon, or you have connected to Amazon Customer Service Phone Number, then you would have experienced their actual level of service excellence. Amazon has more than 90 million U.S. based Amazon prime subscribers and CIRPs.

Amazon a better cloud platform than its counterparts. A Reason!

Today, Amazon web services are one of the largest cloud platforms across the globe. Around 48% of the public cloud market cover was reported by it in the year 2018. Its global service cover is spread around 22 regions with 69 availability zones. Most of the analysts shown their focused rivalry of Amazon Web Services with Microsoft with the second-largest share gainer in previous years. The number of analysts discussing AWS rivalry with its other counterparts is very few. It is also true that Alibaba figured out just a double revenue in the year 2018.

At present Amazon is at fourth in China's cloud market having 9% of shares. Investors might think that counterparts are a better cloud platform based on this differential fact between Amazon and its counterparts in China. However, if you dive deep into the businesses of both online platforms, Amazon is always a better cloud computing platform on a long go. Three significances that define its supremacy over others are- Scale, Reputation and Profitability. By the way, you can have better insights regarding current and future growth aspects by talking with experts at Amazon Customer Service Number.

Contact Amazon Phone Number for Assistance

Either you are an existing Amazon user, or want to register here to get avails of online buyer, seller, amazon prime or web services, you need a formal assistance at initial steps. Also, there are several conditions when you can't understand functions, techniques and minor details related to your account. To overcome such inconveniences, and get the best service experience from amazon you need support from experts.

There three different means to connect with Amazon Support team:

Amazon Live Chat

Existing Amazon customers think of using Live chat-based assistance when they find themselves not capable to take phone calls. We arrange Amazon techies with deep knowlede, passion to serve, and quick solution finding ability in order to serve you the best. Here you can chat with experts in your own language, put your problems in an informal way, and get a relevant solution on a realtime basis.

Online Community

Amazon Community is a splendid way for communication with experts through comments and questionnaires. As an expert, your presence at amazon community gives answers to the technical queries faced by millions of users. And as a newbie or person in some difficulty, you are open to getting the right answer to your technical query by proficients. So, it is the second effective means to Amazon Help. You can try it now.

Amazon customer service phone number

Quick to response, and effective to resolve, the significance of phone number for online support is second to none. Just a phone call at Amazon Number connects you with amazon experts. You have better opportunities here as you can talk with experts in your own native language, no need to explain in technical terms, as they are expert in handling each type of queries in an efficient manner.

FAQs' Related to Amazon Prime

How can I get into Amazon Prime Account?

Your enrollment in a free trial of Amazon prime account will give you access to two days free prime video, prime music, shipping and lending library of kindle owners. To sign up free trial of Amazon prime, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, go to the free trial section of amazon prime
  • Then start your free trial
  • Follow on-screen instructions displayed in prompts.

What is the charge of Amazon Prime?

Per year cost of Amazon Prime membership is $99, or roundabout $8.25 per month. Other than this you also get access to growing range of tv show streamings, and movies.

Is there any way to get cheaper Amazon Prime Services?

Yes! There are eight different ways that can help you get avails of Amazon Prime at cheaper rates.

1- Take advantage of Amazon Prime day, go through discount membership options, check discount codes websites in coupon websites, share amazon prime with household, skip prime membership to get initial two days shipping, take advantage of amazon prime membership sale, enroll in Ibotta, sign up for a subscription and then save.


I hope, this short note on Amazon is very helpful for you. Getting eCommerce services for both buyers and sellers is very comfortable with Amazon. At the same time, the availability of service over Amazon Phone Number makes, services accessible with more comfort. Bring everything on the right track when it comes to Amazon Customer Service.

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